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From the Etruscans to the Romans to arrive in the middle ages; Hence the ancient donkey caravans, loaded with sacks of salt, they left to reach through the salt roads the warehouses scattered in the most distant lands.

Here the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, decided to give birth to one of the first industrial plants in Italy, which grew together with the community to arrive in the '900 when a young ,visionary architect Nervi, destined to write history of modern architecture, with his works that one can find from Brazil to Paris, realized the pavilion which still houses the suggestive salt waterfall, an immense mountain of pure salt, wrapped in the sinuous parables of the futuristic construction.

Today the plant can be visited, accompanied by an exhibition that traces the history of the salt mine, from the state monopoly to the stories and testimonies of the men and women who worked in this place, reaching up to today, a moment in which the salt mine rediscovers its identity and lives the contemporary. Objects and images that tell a story made up of emotions, of places, but that live in the present and project themselves into the future.

The Locatelli factory tour of the SAline of Volterra Foresees:

  • Visit to the salt waterfall in the pavilion designed by Pier Luigi Nervi
  • Visit to the salt museum with video projection
  • Visit to the salt Emporium
  • Art space: The salt becomes a material to be molded ,with the experimental works of contemporary artists(during the exhibition periods)

Salt museum and emporium

The exhibition path is flanked by the production of salt, the emporium where you can discover the many products and various uses of the salt: from salt pearls and mother water for beauty and body care, up to the tasty salt beer.
The purity of the salt is synonymous with attention to the well-being of the body and diet, and here you will find the products that reflect the philosophy of a lifestyle attentive to health and food on our table.
The Saline of Volterra
it is a unique cultural heritage.
In this place for 3000 years
men have been extracting
the purest salt from the depths of the earth the purest salt in Italy.
99.9% pure

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