Refinery of Bolgare

We think and work big

Refinery of Bolgare

Efficient production in the modern industrial centre of Bolgare and strategic logistics in the heart of Europe.

  • 120.000 ton/per year
    recrystallized salt is produced
  • 10 milion
    euro invested in 6 years
  • 10.000 m2
    covered area
  • 120.000
    sacks shipped every year

Human capital technological systems.

The beating heart of our refinery

Our refinery of Bolgare (BG) born in 2007, spread over an area of 20.000 m2 of which 10.000 are covered, it is the result of 40 years of experience in the salt field. Our know-how has allowed us to become one of the most complete salt refineries in Europe. Here we produce Idrosal in tabets and refined sea salt.

Great flexibility in meeting customer needs, the precise timing of deliveries, thanks above all to the strategic logistic position, the quality standard consolidated over the years and a complete range of products from sea salt to boiling salt ,they have allowed the refinery of Bolgare to become one of the most complete salt refinery of Europe.

A global reality

The strategic position of our operational headquarters (Saline di Volterra and the refinery in Bolgare) allows timely deliveries in all of Italy and Europe ensuring great flexibility in meeting customer needs.