Saline of Volterra

Absolute excellence of Made in Italy

The mines of Volterra

Since the times of the ancient Etruscans, we extract saturated brine which allows us to obtain The purest salt in Italy.

The timeless story of the mines of Volterra

The heart of Locatelli Saline of Volterra

The mines of Volterra are developed over an area of 65.000 m2 divided into 10 buildings.

The salt mines of Volterra have been cultivated since the times of the ancient Etruscans, they have always been a very important resource for the territory, so much so that The Grand Duke Leopoldo, in the 18th century, increased production by building new factories, effectively decreeing the birth of a town called Saline of Volterra.

The mine then passed under state control, and in the 90s it was privertized. Today the salt mine produces about 150.000 tons /per year of crystallised salt, intended for the production of tablets, and the agri-food industry, with a minimal purity of 99.9% without a dought the purest salt in Italy.

A global reality

The strategic position of our operational headquarters (Saline di Volterra and the refinery in Bolgare) allows timely deliveries in all of Italy and Europe ensuring great flexibility in meeting customer needs.